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POSITION: Denture Technician

Summary of Position:

We are looking for both experienced Denture Setup Technicians, and entry-level Denture Processing Technicians for implant-based removable prosthetics.  Setup Technicians perform the following denture technician duties: waxing, occlusial schemes, immediate dentures, and acrylic finishing.  Processing Technicians perform dental processing tasks in support of the Setup Technicians making the dentures.  Both positions are based in a medium sized commercial lab serving a private dental network of Prosthodontists.  

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receiving, reviewing, and confirming doctor’s Rx for lab work.
  • The manufacture and fitting of all aspects of All-On-Four dental prosthetics including accurate manufacture and articulation of implant models, setting of denture teeth, denture processing and all related components and processes.
  • The ability to ensure the accurate and on time manufacture of prosthetics to a patient-driven schedule.
  • Maintenance of all laboratory facilities, equipment and instruments.
  • Maintain only the highest degree of professionalism and communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.

Education and Experience:

  • Entry level processing technicans should demonstrate a strong eye for detail, the ability to work quickly with a high degree of precision, and are comfortable working with dental processing equipment.  Technicans work in an active standing environment.  
  • Experienced setup and finishing technicians should be able to demonstrate a competency in denture setup, processing, and finishing of a denture ready to send to the doctor for placement.
  • Qualified candidates should have experience and be proficient in producing full arch hybrid restorations, complete dentures, overdentures.
  • Qualified candidates will be familiar with implant based restorative techniques and have a strong knowledge of dental concepts such as occlusion and tooth and gingival anatomy.
  • Strong candidates should demonstrate an ability to consistently produce quality work, with attention to physical and esthetic detail.
  • Experienced candidates should demonstrate strength in understanding dental concepts like occlusion and are comfortable following doctor preferences and ask clarifying questions to ensure understanding.  
  • Familiarity with the Ivocap and Ivobase systems a plus for processing technicians.

Working Conditions:

  • The lab operation Monday through Friday with two eight hour shifts between the hours of 7am and 5pm.
  • Positions require frequent if not full time standing and moving around the lab to access equipment and move product through the lab.
  • Technicans should be comfortable working with various lab equipment, instruments, sharp objects, chemicals, dust, wax, and other items that generate heat to produce dental prosthetics.  

Interview Process:

Qualified candidates (following a qualifying telephone prescreening and questionnaire) will be expected to perform a “working interview” where they will be given the opportunity to complete tasks associated with the position they are applying for.  

About ClearChoice Laboratory Technicians:

ClearChoice dental laboratory technicians use advanced technical skills to construct sophisticated implant-based dental prosthetics.  Technicians work to exacting doctor (customer) standards for fit and esthetics, using critical thinking skills to develop and share reliable solutions with the dentist and auxiliary staff.  

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