The ClearChoice Smile Healthy® Solution

At ClearChoice, we champion healthy smiles — and the function and feelings that come with them — through our Smile Healthy® approach. Whether you want to restore a complete upper and lower set of teeth, multiple teeth, or a single tooth, our Smile Healthy® approach takes your vision and transforms it into a beautiful, confidence-inspiring smile.

Dave, Smile Healthy® Success Story

Smile Healthy® Implant Process

Whether you need a complete mouth restoration or a single tooth replacement, you’ll follow a similar Smile Healthy® process to the one outlined below.

Implant Process

Smile Healthy® Success

The ability to smile freely is much more than a cosmetic concern. It’s actually both a physical and emotional expression of wellbeing. No one understands this better than a person who has lost the ability to smile confidently, chew comfortably, and enjoy everyday social interactions.

For greater physical wellbeing, we help move you from coping with your dental limitations to vastly improved abilities to chew, talk and taste. This improved function can lead to other potential health benefits, like a more balanced diet or the reduction of persistent illness like gum disease.

For greater emotional wellbeing, we help move you from possible areas of embarrassment or suffering to a renewed sense of confidence and the freedom to finally live life on your terms. Hear from real patients in their own words about how ClearChoice has helped them get back to a better place.

Success Stories

Get Back Out There

With your consultation, procedure, and final fitting completed, the clinical aspects of your journey are finished. But your individual transformation will continue. Whether it’s visiting us for periodic hygiene appointments, sharing your story with prospective patients, or just saying hello to your ClearChoice family, we’re here for you and encourage you to stay in touch.