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With dental implants from ClearChoice, you get back more than a permanent tooth replacement solution that looks, feels and functions like natural teeth; you get back to living.

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ClearChoice Alpharetta

The ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Alpharetta puts an emphasis on patient care and comfort. Our center is fully equipped with a dental lab, 3D CT scan capabilities, and experienced doctors. Our friendly staff will take the time to listen to your personal dental goals and work with you on a customized treatment plan.

ClearChoice Alpharetta is devoted to providing a long–term solution for our patients. We focus on full mouth dental implants, as well as multiple and single tooth implants. Our all–in–one center is conveniently located outside the I–285 loop, north of downtown Atlanta. Let us show you why thousands have chosen ClearChoice for dental implants in Alpharetta.

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ClearChoice Alpharetta

3650 Brookside Parkway
Suite 100
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022








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We love hearing from patients about their experience with us, and we think you will, too.

The following are actual online reviews which express only the opinions of the reviewing party. These reviews are not to be construed in any way as an endorsement or advertisement on the part of ClearChoice.

Review from Google

Amazing experience! Clean, professional, caring, I can't say enough great things about this group. My only regret is I wish I had done this sooner!!

Review from Yelp

For over two years I hid from the world (lots of missing and crooked teeth). I only went out at night when absolutely necessary so that I could avoid talking to anyone. I nearly forgot niceties and how to smile. I was afraid and I was miserable. What a state of existence. Things had to change!
That's when I stopped hiding and found Clear Choice in Alpharetta, Georgia. It's a first class facility with a top quality staff of surgeons, prosthodontists, technicians, and other dental professionals who only cared about my dental needs and comfort. They were patient, supportive, and totally easy to do business with. They made me feel as though I was the only person that mattered to them and that they were able to extend me a lifeline. From the free consultation through my pain free post-surgery recovery and maintenance, they're my heroes.
So, stop hiding. Get up and go see them. Ask! You'll know that they can help you and you'll be glad to see yourself again.

Review from Google

I have been researching dental implants for close to 5 years before finding Clear Choice, and boy am I glad I did! I would have paid double what I paid for the results I got (just got my implants yesterday) the level of care before, during and after was amazing! Dr. Camba did a fantastic job designing my new smile and I have not been able to stop looking in the mirror and smiling since I got out of surgery. It seriously is a life changing experience and something that brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I look at my amazing new smile.

Keep in mind one thing, this is not a "cheap" procedure and I knew that going in so there was no "sticker shock" for me. This is arguably the best investment I have ever made in myself, and I reccommend anyone that is considering the procedure to figure out how to make it happen for yourself - you will not regret it!

Thank you so much to everyone at Clear Choice Alpharetta, you all gave me a confidence that I thought I would never get back. You all are my personal hero's and I will never forget how wonderful the entire experience was. If anyone reading this has any questions, please feel free to email me and I'll tell you all about it in more detail.

Review from Google

What a wonderful experience. I am so glad I got my Dental implants from Clear Choice. Thanks to all the Clear Choice Alpharetta location staff; I have a beautiful smile. Give them a call.
Surgeons: Dr. Beideman, and Dr. Camba,
Surgery Assistants: Thach, Lee and Bree,
Pro Assistants: Eli and Melanie and,
Hygienist: Linda

Review from Google

Everyone was GREAT. I would highly recommend Clear Choice in Alpharetta Ga. I had a lot of anxiety about getting implant dentures because of my past experience at a dental office where I suffered nerve damage.
I am so thankful I went to Clear Choice I feel like they have given me my life back.

Review from Google

Last week I drove to Alpharetta Georgia which is just outside of Atlanta where I hooked up with one of the most awesome companies that I have ever had the pleasure of working with this coming week I'm going back for oral surgery I go in in the morning with a mouth full of bad and rotting teeth and I will come out the same day with a mouth full of new teeth I will be getting in plants that will last me the rest of my life I have been and was very nervous about having this done the staff at Clear Choice is amazing they walked me through everything answered all my questions they made me feel like I was the most important person that they ever worked with I believe they treat everyone like that I was full of fear and uncertainties when I went in I left full of confidence and looking forward to having the procedure done I truly believe this will be a life-changing experience for me I will no longer be embarrassed to talk to people or think I'm not good enough to meet them face-to-face I will let y'all know when the surgery is done and what it is like. It is now the 3rd day after my surgery I cannot believe the difference. I have had a little discomfort but no pain. Everywhere I go people are commenting on my smile. People I have never meet are even telling me how nice my smile is. I can't stop smiling and can't wait to see old friends and family. This has truly been a life changing experience for me. I would recommend Clear Choice in Alpharetta Georgia to anyone and everyone I know. They are awesome.

Review from Google

It was a great experience I would suggest it to anyone or even do it again if I had to hopefully I won't I want to take this time to thank Clear Choice and tell a lot of people if they need it they should go there. I'd like to take this time to thank Clearchoice and his great staff from my experience thank you

Review from Google

Amazing staff, I have been with them over a year now and they make me feel like family, so nice and courteous and at the same time professional. Clear choice is #1 in my book.

Review from Yelp

last week I drove from Shelbyville KY to Alpharetta GA. A trip that was well worth the drive. When it come to my teeth I'm not what you would call a good patient. I went in I was very nervous. I went in with a lot of doubt and fear. The staff was awesome I have never dealt with a company that treated me the way they did. I felt like I was the most important person they had ever dealt with. I believe they treat everyone like that. It was a AWESOME experience. By the time I left I was very excited about getting my new implants. they took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. I will be having surgery next week. I am looking forward to getting rid of my bad teeth and getting new ones all in one day. I will leave another review afterwards but for what I have seen. I know it will be a great and life changing experience for me.

Review from Google

Everyone at this place is Awesome they take their time to explain everything. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. 5 star plus

Review from Google

I always disliked my teeth. I finally decided to do something about it. After going to several different dentist I decided that Clear Choice were the one I would use. Their Staff is amazing from the minute I walked through the door for my consult to the day after my surgery I felt the at ease. They explained every step of the surgery and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I definitely have reccomended them to my friends.

Review from Google

They are very professional and friendly persons.I am very happy with what they have done so far.I am still in the process.I feel very comfortable and confident with Dr. Camba and the rest of her crew, especially Eli and Melissa.

Review from Google

The quality of service at ClearChoice is the best! Everyone there was so friendly and knowledgeable and Dr. Berry did a great job on my dental implant and it was pain-free! I highly recommend anyone that needs a dental implant to go yo ClearChoice Dental. Rob

Review from Google

I am very happy with my whole experience at Clear Choice Alpharetta. The entire staff is very friendly and happy to see you. I would highly recommend Clear Choice.

Review from Google

I am currently using Clear Choice for an all on four, full upper arch implant. My surgery was a little over six months ago and I am slowly recovering, working my way to my final set of implants. I would like to thank the doctors and staff at the Clear Choice Alpharetta, GA office for making this possible. The staff and the way they do things at Clear Choice is second to none. All of their work is done in house making the process much easier on their patients. Their surgeries can be expensive depending on what you might need done, but what you are paying for is an investment. Just as I have invested my money in Clear Choice, I feel they have invested their time, gratuity, and overall professionalism to make sure I am comfortable with the finished product. My job is built around relationships with the clients I deal with, which involves face to face interactions. Clear Choice has given me the confidence to do my job without that awkward or uncomfortable feeling, knowing that people might judge me because of the way my teeth look when I smile or laugh. Thank you so much Clear Choice for everything you do and keep up the excellent work!!