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Dental Implants in Columbia

At the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Columbia, our doctors and support staff regard teamwork as one of our most valuable assets. We work hard to meet the needs of our patients and provide a comfortable atmosphere. At ClearChoice Columbia, your doctors, dental lab, and clinical staff are together in the same center. Our knowledgeable doctors and caring staff will guide you through each step of your treatment process.

Located southwest of Baltimore, ClearChoice Columbia is devoted to providing a long–term solution for people dealing with missing, damaged, or unhealthy teeth. We offer full mouth dental implants, as well as multiple and single tooth implants. Let us show you why thousands have chosen ClearChoice for dental implants in Columbia, MD.

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ClearChoice Columbia

5900 Waterloo Road
Suite 100
Columbia, Maryland 21045








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Learn More About Dental Implants

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The following are actual online reviews which express only the opinions of the reviewing party. These reviews are not to be construed in any way as an endorsement or advertisement on the part of ClearChoice.

Review from Google

Dr. Paik is a friendly, talented and professional man. But the one you really need to be concerned about is the oral surgeon and Dr. McIver is a magician! Maybe my experience is not typical, but I had ZERO pain after the surgery. Not even a little discomfort worth noting. But the entire staff at the Columbia office will make you feel at ease from start to finish!

Review from Google

I was completely satisfied with every step of my implants, except the final result. I was under the impression that the gum line on the implant would meld with my own gum line. The fact is, if I over smile, you can see the metal that holds the implants into my upper mouth plate.
Thus, I try not to smile too much.

Review from Facebook

Really nice new smile for my hubby# love already very professional#

Review from Facebook

Very happy with everything for now# new smile coming up for my hubby#

Review from Yelp

I forgot the name of the dentist. Little older little on the heavier side Jewish. Such a good man. Was very nice. Knew what he was doing. Not expensive at all. If I would live in the neighborhood he would be my dentist. I was just traveling by and my crown fell off. He was so kind to put it back on. Three thumbs up.

Review from Google

Dr. Paik is one of the most talented and proficient Prosthodontists in this area. His work is impeccable. Highly Rec him

Review from Yelp

In Short: Excellent - Worth The Investment - Great attitude - Every Concern I had was discussed until I had no more doubts or questions.

I have a very complicated medical array of problems I am fighting and I believe that my discussions probably went on longer than most. The Doc made sure he consulted with others, did research on my condition, called my medical doctor, and then we met to go over if we can do this procedure without worsening any other conditions. I found this great as they were not just out for money to do as many procedures as possible and wanted to make sure that I would be safe. Lucky for me it turned out being safe to do this. The doc answered every one of my wife's questions as well as my concerns as I had a great many fears.

I never met a team of people so concerned not with their profit or their pay checks but on every step of this procedure, what was going to happen in great detail, and what to expect at each step so that I am comfortable. In a nutshell it is all about ME ME ME and ME!

When I was in surgery they made every caution to protect me and even made me do the lower teeth the next week because of my medical conditions because during surgery they felt it would be that much safer. No extra cost to me, but it obviously was to them. They said my health is all that is important and they will protect me even if it may seem over protective. I felt in such great hands and for the first time I was not scared to be at the dentist office not to mention an oral surgeon's chair.

Success was my outcome as their 360 degree scan predicted in our consultation on our first meeting and now it was off to the follow up appointments. To that end, the incredible staff at the front desk worked with me as I have major back and neck damage and they helped schedule me to successful times for appointments. There were times that I had to change up to 7 times an appointment and they were so kind and thoughtful and only worried about my health. Any other doctor would have dropped me as a patient, billed me countless money I did not have, and would have resulted in jeopardizing the whole procedure...but not the good staff at ClearChoice who heard my voice on the phone and did not scream. Because of that I am able to complete my entire program very very shortly with tremendous success as my final teeth have been tested and now will be placed for good.

It hurts my neck and back to type but I felt I had to write this comment or review in the hopes that if someone is on the fence if they should call and make a free appointment to see if this process is the right solution for them....I really think they should call ClearChoice....more specifically this office in Columbia!! I CAN GIVE NO HIGHER PRAISE to all, the surgeon, lab, hygienists, techs, staff, etc................ClearChoice IS hope.

Many Thanks For Making Me Smile And Giving Me Heart And Soul,

Mr. Williams

Review from Yelp

Dr. Paik and ClearChoice Columbia achieves results that are amazing! With the dental fabrication lab on premises, combined with an exceptional staff, Dr. Paik and Clear Choice Columbia have provided me with beautiful teeth, fully permanent! They are extremely friendly and put you at ease while creating your new smile. Cost is very reasonable and worth every penny!

Review from Google

This was the best dental experience i ever had in my life, Dr.paik and his staff treated me like VIP from day one. my dental implants had minor problems here and there, but Dr. paik made sure they were fixed everytime. I want to thank everyone at the columbia clearchoice center, they are exceptional people. Thanks Dr. Paik

Review from Yelp

From start to finish clear choice guided me through the entire process. All of the staff were professional, treated me with understanding and kindness, and were always there if there was any problem or concern on my part.

The finished product was more than I could've hoped for! Everybody seems to be a perfectionist, and the artists who create the smile and the ability to eat like a normal person again were more than I could have wanted.

When you get to the point where there just doesn't seem to be viable solutions for your dental issues, this is definitely the way to go.