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Dental Implants in Southfield

At the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Southfield, our team members are excited to help you turn your vision for a new smile into reality. Our doctors and clinical staff provide a long-term solution for people in need of full mouth dental implants, multiple teeth implants, or a single tooth implant. The center is equipped with a dental lab and CT scanning equipment for an all–in–one approach to dental implant treatment in the Detroit area.

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ClearChoice Southfield

28411 Northwestern Highway
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Learn More About Dental Implants

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Review from Google

Very friendly staff, answered all questions. Made you feel very comfortable.
Went for initial consultation, a hour and a half drive. They where able to, get me in for, my next appointment, that day. Which was great, didn't have to, come back weeks later. The young gentleman, whom did the, exam and molds, was great and very helpful. Doc game in very very friendly, was able to answer all my concerns. Can not wait, tell I get the implants in.

Review from Google

Be prepared to be hugged, not necessarily physically but with genuine professional care displayed by each member of Dr. Ahmed Afify's staff in Southfield, MI. Implant surgeon Dr. Hildebrand's skill must be near perfect as my recovery a matter of days. Two professionals assigned to my case, Mohamad Siblini and Lonnieshia Crawford most helpful in my comfort levels throughout the process of replacing my bottom denture. In addition, Shahara my smile specialist, Marcus surgical assistant and an incredibly professional receptionist, Michel'le were key to my level of comfort. Be prepared to have an overwhelming desire to hug everyone upon your leave! Nothing short of a life changing event as I look forward to the 2nd step to a permanent smile!

I am 62 and have had a top denture since age 23, and bottom at 42....I have significant bone loss, and truly believed it wouldn't work for me...not to worry, I am still a candidate for full implants...Dr. Afify is sending me to Clear Choice Chicago, where I will undergo the 2nd step and final step bone and implants for my upper. By summer, I'll be swimming underwater and diving like a kid! I will follow up with an update at that time

Review from Google

Clear Choice Dental Implant Center of Southfield greets prospective patients with an upscale attractive office decor. From the moment you walk through the door, each staff member is warm, inviting, courteous, professional and embraces you as family. Ms Leta takes patients on a tour of the facility as an orientation and then thoroughly explains each process in your projected plan of care. Each patient receives a 180 degree X-Ray, which is shared with the patient. The scan is the blueprint in designing the patient's course of treatment to a stellar smile. Additionally, patients are treated to a video, which further explains the dental implant procedure. The cost of your plan of care and payment options are fully explained up front along with full disclosure of expected results. Dr. Afify joins the consultation after review of the X-Ray to meet the patient, answer questions and discover how the patient sees her or himself and discern realistically what the patient expects and needs. Dr. Afify hand picks among his surgical staff to ensure patients have the best experience and outcome. My oral surgeon confirmed I was comfortable and pain-free throughout the extraction, bone graft, insertion and suturing procedures. I walked out the door with a dazzling smile that I was eager to show off to everyone, who crossed my path. I was not ashamed to smile, laugh, and eat in public. It's been four months since my extraction, my mouth has healed and I am eager to receive my new implants. I can see a new path that leads to fun and exciting social interactions. I highly recommend Clear Choice Dental implant Center of Southfield for their dedicated team approach to ensuring patients receive quality care in a nurturing atmosphere. Thank you for giving me back a real smile!

Review from Google

Had a consultation with Ms. Leta and when i say the fears I had went out the door after meeting her, she was not only bubbly and professional but really down to earth. The experience within the clinic was super amazing. Dr Afify often referred to his treatment recommendation as if he was recommending to his family or loved one. I felt really comfortable and I cant wait to see my new smile. Thank you Clear Choice.

Review from Google

If your thinking of dental implants I highly recommend Clear Choice Southfield. From the moment I called for the consultation appointment to the end I was comfortable. I was greeted with professionalism and respect. They understood my fears and explained fully what to expect. They were able to explain my dental condition and even though I had a lot of bone loss they were able to explain what they could do for me and the full cost with no surprises. The whole experience has been wonderful. My Patient Information Consultant was excellent. Dr. Ahmed Afify was excellent in explaining my condition, and what he could do to be able to proceed with the implants. I found I was comfortable with the entire staff and every thing they said it would be was. I am extremely happy and it feels so good to smile again. Thank you Clear Choice

Review from Google

I just had the most amazing experince at Clear Choice Dental Implant Center located in Southfield MI. Dr. Afify and Mohmad treated me like family. I was moved to tears by what Dr. Afify offered to do for me. I'm looking forward to my life changing smile.

Review from Google

I had been told that no one could help me with my teeth until I went there. Dr. afiffy and the team were so friendly and very experienced with what they offered. As a physician myself I was in doubt that I can regain my smile in one day. Moving forward 5 months later, I'm in my healed smile and soon will be in my final smile. Great experience!

Review from Google

Very friendly and professional staff. Had my tooth extracted couple days ago, it was a good experience with no pain.

Review from Google

Best experience.