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Dental Implants in Roseland

Serving the greater New York–Newark metro area, we’re eager to share our expertise and passion for restoring smiles to get you back to looking your best. Our doctors provide a transformative treatment for people in need of full mouth dental implants, multiple teeth dental implants, or a single tooth implant. Our friendly staff take the time to understand your needs and work with you on a customized treatment plan. The ClearChoice Roseland center is fully equipped with a dental lab, CT scanning equipment, and the experienced clinical staff to give you a personalized, long–term dental implant solution.

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Review from Google

I would like to take this time out to thank the entire Clear Choice staff at the Roseland facility; to the Technicians who designed my teeth, (Awesome sauce) and to the amazing Medical Assistants who does everything from soup to nuts, (#GirlP ower), you guys all rock! I would also like to give a special and personal thanks to, Dr. Mark Andrawis, Dr.John Matos, Jen, Christine and Amanda for the love you guys show me every time I'm in the building (I love you man)!

I must say from the time I walked through the doors almost a year ago this month, I have met the most professional and caring staff ever! This was a huge deal for me as I have never worn dentures before so I didn't know what to expect when I went for my first consultation. Needless to say, after meeting with the doctors and staff I was ready to invest in myself and get my kool-aide smile back. I had my surgery on May 2nd 2017 and everything was smooth sailing and I must say, my teeth came out amazing and I stay camera ready (cheese)! So if you are looking to get your SMILE back, I highly recommend the Clear Choice facility in Roseland, NJ.

These guys are great and will forever hold a special place in my SMILE!

With a Smile, Eileen

Review from Google

After two years of lost time with my regular dentist, I started to look for a dental implant specialist to address my dental problems. My first visit to the Clear Choice Center in Roseland, NJ was the very a wonderful experience. Dr. Mark Andrawis kept his promise about my being in good hands. I felt very safe and secure.

One the day of the surgery I was nervous but Surgeon Dr. John Maros and his whole team made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. Dr. John walked me through the whole procedure and what to expect through the whole process and made me feel completely safe. The surgery was painless. He did an unbelievable job. At the end of the day I got the new temporary teeth.

I am right now in my fifth month and everything has been going exactly as planned and as Dr. Mark said it would.

During every visit the Clear Choice staff have been making me feel so comfortable and at ease, and that I'm in good hands. Everyone is great; from the front desk all the way to the back office to the dentist himself. It's been a pleasure so far to be serviced by this practice.

Review from Google

Great staff, very friendly and accommodating. Made the whole process comforting

Review from Google


Review from Google

Great experience, great staff, no waiting time.
They take you in before your scheduled time.
Very professional from front desk receptionist to Dr's.
Everyone very helpful.
Answer all your questions and concerns.
Definitely a good place to go.

Review from Google

I researched four other implant programs before choosing Clear Choice. From the professional staff to helping me get a 0% intrest for 18 months. And I love my smile. AGAIN.

Review from Google

Choosing Clear Choice was the best thing I could have ever done for myself! The staff and Dr's are by far the best I've ever dealt with. I tried other facilities first with horrible results just dealing with the staff and the facilities were not updated. After coming to Clear Choice they made me feel at ease right away and I've been taken care of on that same level all the way through the process! The facility is state of the art and the staff is impeccable! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Clear Choice to everyone!

Review from Google

Always treated special. They want to make sure you know what they are going to do and that you are comfortable and pleased with results. At Clear Choice I really feel they care about you and how satisfied you are with there professionalism.

Review from Google

As a 63y/o female , born three(3) months premature in a 3rd world country and now an American citizen ; I'm extremely fortunate
to be living during a pitido in time when
"Dental Procedures " that fully & painlessly"
Restore ones " SMILE" in an instant of time.
CENTER (@ 5 BECKER FARM RD, Roseland ,
N. J., My smile , my full upper mandible of teeth
was replaced ,; by the Most Professional ; the Most Aesthetically suited envrornment and staff . The Entire expirience has been
A God send for me, for my Emotional
and Physical well being.
Not only is my SMILE GREAT but of course
Yes my health also ( since I chew better)
And I am a much HAPPIER WOMAN , able to
Thanks to " CLEAR CHOICE " I can SMILE
from not only within , but with beautiful
TEETH , All thanks to " CLEAR CHOICE"
and their knowledgeable STAFF and state
Of the Art procedure only they
" CLEAR CHOICE" will give .
Laugh, Smile, get yours @ " CLEAR CHOICE"
Your own beautiful SMILE .
India Enid Garner
New Rochelle
N.Y 10805

Review from Google

Excellent staff

Review from Google

A great crew of people, Doctors and staff make you feel welcome and a part of the family.

Review from Yelp

I cant stop raving about my experience at Clear Choice. Dr Andrawis and Dr Matos hands down so amazing. I had my surgery on October 19th on October 16th I wanted to cancel my surgery I was so scared of what I was about to do. Marissa and Patty both talked to me and calmed me down and made me comfortable and secure on doing my surgery. I did my surgery on the 19th it was the best decision I ever made in my life. My teeth are so beautiful and believe it or not I had NO pain at all. I will be forever grateful to everyone at Clear Choice of Roseland. Tamara Norris

Review from Yelp

After researching full arch dental implants, I decided on ClearChoice because of their "one stop shopping" approach and the fact that I wouldn't have to wear dentures while the implants healed.

From the time I walked in, I was treated like a person, not a patient id #. Christine, the receptionist, is friendly and very helpful. Their waiting room is clean, comfortable and very well maintained. I was then lead into a private room to discuss their implants, how they work, and the cost and financing options available. Afterwards, the procedure was fully explained and discussed with the prosthodontist, Dr. Andrawis.

Dr. Andrawis has a very comforting demeanor and treated me with the utmost respect. After our discussion about the implants and the timeframe from beginning to end, we discussed my fixed bridge, which had already fallen out. Dr Andrawis was able to cement the bridge back in, however, it fell out again after a few days. I returned to the office and Dr Andrawis said that he could make a flapper for the area, so I wouldn't have to live with missing teeth before the surgery. Perfect! The flapper was made, fitted and adjusted while I waited! By the way, the treatment rooms are bright, clean and also comfortable.

On the day of surgery, I was introduced to their surgeon, Dr. Matos. Dr. Matos also has a compassionate demeanor, along with a sense a humor, which I appreciate and that totally put me at ease. He explained what the surgery would involve and what I could expect afterwards. Of course, when it came right down to it, I was a nervous wreck! He immediately put me at ease and then to sleep, so I didn't have time to experience ANY anxiety. Thank you! The surgery was successful and totally painless. I was concerned about the pain I would feel after the numbness wore off, but was actually surprised that I didn't need the heavy painkillers prescribed. Taking the ibuprofen as prescribed, was all I needed. Phew! Dr. Matos, himself (not the office), even called me a couple times after the surgery to check up on how I was feeling. What surgeon do you know who does that?!

Their recovery rooms deserve writing about, as they are totally designed for comfort. With dim lighting, comfortable chairs & recliners, large screen tv's (which include Netflix), snacks and a refrigerator containing drinks, pudding & apple sauce, kept my hubby quite comfy & entertained while waiting for me.

As I waited in recovery, my temporary implants were being made. Once completed, I was escorted into a treatment room where the implants were attached. When I looked in the mirror, I literally cried! They look beautiful! I can hardly believe that these are temporary. Now I really can't wait to get my permanent ones.......... All in all, worth every penny! I would totally do it again.

Before I end this review, I want to mention that the assistants to the doctors are also very professional, compassionate and friendly. Thank you all!

P.S. I've read other reviews on ClearChoice offices in various areas. I find that most negative reviews have mostly to do cost and in a couple cases, the doctor. I'm not going to lie.... it's pricey. But considering everything involved, (i.e.: no dentures, no waiting for implants to be made by an outside lab, no going from one office to another, comfort, state of the art facilities, etc), it's worth it! As for the doctors; all I can say is, the doctors at Roseland are top notch professionals. Your smile is everything! It's the first thing people see, so you want it done right, and I feel mine was totally transformed for the better! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Review from Yelp

Amazing...Amazing...the best team EVER...the team explained everything to me in the simplest way...they are passionate of their work/individual...I look forward to my next visit...I had an awesome time at clear choice...I am happy to be apart of the clear choice family...they are angels in disguise...the choice is clear & I highy recommend "clear choice"...

Review from Yelp

Awesome experience!! Very clean and pleasant physical space. Team Members are professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable.

Review from Google

I am in the process getting my Dental Implants from the Philadelphia Office. Two times during this process I needed repairs to my temporary Implants. Just so happens that the Philadelphia Office was on vacation the weeks I had a problem. I contacted the Roseland office to see if they could help. They gave me an appointment right away and were able to do the repairs on the spot. I have had a very good experience with the Dr. Wilson and her Team in the Philadelphia Office but I highly recommend Dr. Mark Andrawis and his Team in the Roseland NJ Clear Choice Office.

Review from Yelp

I.Smith, NJ

Dr. Andrawis and Dr. Matos did an extraordinary highly professional
job! There is an excellent atmosphere in this Dental Implant Center. The whole team is fantastic.
They have an extreme professional competence. I'm very happy and thankful.

Review from Google

I cannot say enough about this office! I had my implants placed in April 2017. I went for a consultation in February because I have spent many years of my life trying to save failing teeth. I was offered a treatment plan that was tailored to my own needs. Dr Andrawis and Dr Matos are knowledgeable and have a true understanding of how their patients feel. The procedure went smoothly and just as they had planned. Now 2 months later I have stable teeth that look and feel like natural teeth. I couldn't have been provided a better experience. In reading other ClearChoice reviews it seems like patients are put off by the idea of a dental office with many other sites providing essentially the same services. I am living proof that the procedure is life changing. Years of worry gone!! I am truly grateful to have found ClearChoice and in particular the Roseland, NJ office. However, it doesn't matter what shingle they hang out. What really matters is who's inside. These doctors are two of the most caring, intelligent, and compassionate I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The staff is also awesome. Genuinely happy to be there. The office is welcoming and comfortable. I have highly recommended them to anyone in need and have never been disappointed.

Review from Yelp

I just had dental implants placed at ClearChoice Roseland NJ. I couldn't be happier. After years of worrying about my teeth including many dental procedures I decided to go ahead and see what was offered here. I did not make a mistake!! Dr Andrawis and Dr Matos are awesome practitioners. Both guiding and explaining every step of the way. Always willing to answer all of my many (sometimes ridiculous) questions. They are genuinely nice doctors who are truly interested in the well being of their patients. Most importantly knowledgeable in their respective fields. I am forever grateful!! Their staff is also awesome...everyone from receptionists to surgical assistants made me feel welcomed and safe. Thank you Jenn, Patty, Karen, Oscar, Christine, and whoever else I've forgotten...you guys will probably never know the effect that you had on me. No one made me feel bad...only offered a solution in the most caring and compassionate way. I have been in the healthcare field for many years and have never been treated either personally or professionally with such respect and compassion.
So the bottom line is....if you are considering this procedure at ClearChoice Roseland, make an appointment...you will not be sorry!! BTW, I travel 1.5 hrs to get there. Worth every mile!! It will truly be a life-changing decision.