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Dental Implants in Phoenix

Regain your bright smile with the help of our friendly team at the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Phoenix. Our full–service center provides quality tooth replacement through a patient–centered treatment approach. The natural look and feel of dental implants have restored dental function and confidence for thousands of people suffering from tooth loss and decay.

ClearChoice Phoenix is devoted to providing a personalized, long–term solution for our patients. We focus on full mouth dental implants, as well as multiple and single tooth implants. Let us show you why thousands have chosen ClearChoice for dental implants in the Phoenix area.

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The following are actual online reviews which express only the opinions of the reviewing party. These reviews are not to be construed in any way as an endorsement or advertisement on the part of ClearChoice.

Review from Google

I had Clear Choice do my implant over a decade ago, so I am writing from the perspective of someone who has an opportunity to see how the implant does over time. To be straight to the point, it's as good as it was the day they put the tooth on the post.
I'm back on their site today to contact them about a second tooth that likely needs to be replaced.

Review from Google

Very expensive, but this place changed my life! I was scared to death, but no pain at all. Didn't use the prescribed pain pills. Thank you Dr. Galindo!
Just do it!

Review from Yelp

Everyone that works there is very nice very clean excellent work price is good to little high but you get what you pay for great work.

Review from Google

My experience as a Clearchoice patient has been life-changing. The work the team at the North Phoenix facility performed eliminated pain and dental problems I'd lived with for most of my adult life. I could not be happier with my implants and they way they've have performed for the past year. Everyone I've met while visiting this office has been friendly, professional and very, very good at what they do. The Doctors who performed the work I had done are amazing, two of the best in their field, but are also very friendly, personable and caring. (Thank you Dr. G and B.)

Review from Yelp

I was very happy with the work done by ClearChoice Dental of Phoenix. I was not in need of a full mouth replacement of all teeth, so I can't comment on their standard all-on-four treatment. But they did a great job on the six or so teeth they did replace. The crowns are solid, the posts are solid, and my mouth feels much more stable now when I am eating food. Previously I had always had a problem with old crowns and bridges breaking. So it was a good decision for me to go to ClearChoice. The doctors and staff were all nice and helpful too. As you can tell by the other reviews, it can be an expensive process, but they do help you finance. It's probably worth at least talking to them if you have had a lot of trouble with your teeth.

Review from Google

Totally awesome people. they performed the work other dentists wouldn't.all included in one price. no unexpected expenses. very friendly people. they listen and take the time to make sure all is correct

Review from Google

Wow my experience here at Clear Choice was amazing.I came for a visit knowing very little. I learned lots about how I can really look good ,feel good and be in much better shape.After a great consultation with Lisa ,a viewing of my teeth ,for what they were worth an 360 X-ray it was clear for sure what the situation was at that moment.Then we were made aware of a possible plan.Next a return appointment to clarify just what Jack needed to make my life great again. A very comprehensive exam it was clear what was needed to bring everything back to great in my mouth and for my better health.But wait there's more . We set up the appointment ,life changing ,to go forward with the process. WOW ,I am stoked ,so great ,no nice and a great final result. I now have that Hollywood smile that is so good. I love it all . Worked perfectly and I highly recommend this experience to anyone that may be going through what I was experiencing.Please check out Clear Choice and have them consult with you . All of the staff is stellar. Very professional and I was first at all times . Thanks Clear Choice

Review from Yelp

So far so good. Went in for a consultation. Everyone couldn't have been more nice and gracious. I was nervous because I don't like Dentists, who does. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. The consultation was thorough and informative. They took xrays with their 3d machine and then went over recommended procedures and such. After discussing pricing they wanted to schedule another appointment to take impressions and a full exam etc. Because I was nervous I asked if there was someway they could fast track the appointment to a sooner time. They did, to the same day an hour and a half later. Now my procedure is scheduled for 10 days out. If you're going to do it, might as well do it right awaybefore you lose your nerve right. It's a little pricey, buy hey, I'm worth it, right Plus I'm 100% confident in their professionalism and ability. I will update after the procedure.

Review from Google

If you are looking for an excellent experience and a top notch staff than this is the place you will want to come to. I won't lie, it is expensive but you get what you pay for. I had had previous work done and what I thought I was paying for was not what I received. I came here and every step of the way was explained and there was a detailed road map with options. I had a few unique situations that arose during the process and had to have an additional surgery, no extra charges at all, they stand behind their work PERIOD. I was and am so impressed. I have had both the top and the bottom completed and I could not be happier. Dr. Butera is no nonsense, his honest and direct approach leaves you to know right where you stand. Dr. Galindo is amazing as well, the man is a perfectionist which is exactly what you want. You put both of them together and you end up with the perfect smile!

Review from Superpages

the punctuality at Clear Choice was very much appreciated.I tend to be an extremely picky patient, and everyone is working with me to make everything perfect. one would only expect this for the money

Review from Google

Awesome. always treated very well!!! Everyone that works there that I met was great!!

Review from Google

Everyone at this location is fantastic to work with. The doctors are consummate professionals and took their time to explain everything in detail. I had 26 teeth removed and my new perfect implants put in all in one day. Amazing. After a lifetime of terrible teeth which not only hurt and made it difficult to eat I also never smiled. It was a big decision, but at 47 years old I was not ready to settle for bad teeth. This is absolutely the best health and wellness decision I've ever made. Yes it was expensive, but most things of high quality are and if you're not worth it, who is?

Review from Google

My story begins when I met a wonderful man and he asked me to marry him. It had been 22 years of not dating since; I divorced my husband and raised our 3 year old little girl on my own. My sole purpose was to give her the best that I could and putting her wants and needs, before my own, even going through painful toothaches and periodontal problems. I had not seen a dentist in over 10 years. I had lost my smile; it was now concealed behind "hand over mouth" gesture. Fast forward to August of 2008. In preparing for my wedding, my sister asked me about the wedding pictures and what I was going to do with my teeth. Having been a dental assistant, I was ashamed of my dentition. My sister said to me, "listen I saw this infomercial about dental implants, and I think you should call them", long story short....I made the appointment. Both myself and my fiancé' were met by wonderful staff members who not only made us feel at ease but answered both our questions. What can I say....about Dr's Galindo and Butura? Both of these specialists not only gave me my confidence back they also gave me back the person that was always laughing out loud. My life change drastically. I became more outgoing, at ease when meeting new people....and above all I could smile without covering my mouth with my hand. If you are saying that you are not sure...just think of what you are missing NOW!Imagine...biting into a cold ice cream cone without the pain, feeling at ease when you approach people, taking a bite of an apple, eating steak. It can't get better than that! But most of all being able to smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious. The beautiful thing about Clearchoice is that you aren't a "patient" you are part of a great family. The only thing that I would of change is....why didn't I do this sooner!So, what are you waiting for...call Clearchoice it will be a life changing event. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...Dr. Galindo and Dr. Butura...both of you and your staff will always have a special place in my heart and there is nothing that I can say or do to ever thank you for what I thought I had lost ....you are priceless!!!!Mary O.

Review from Google

I have had very bad teeth for several years. My teeth were breaking off alot. I would just go to a dentist and get the tooth pulled. It got to the point that I had a hard time smilling and chewing.I have friends that have had dentures, some of them have had to have 3 pairs so far. I did not want to go that route. I looked at my options and chose Clear Choice.The people at Clear Choice were ALL great. I have never said a dentist was great, but the Dentists that worked on me were! The staff were all very cheerful and concerned. They were all available for any questions or concerns that I had.I would recommend Clear Choice to any person that has problems such as I had.

Review from Google

At the outset, I wish to assure anyone having to have teeth extracted, please have no fear of pain. The entire procedure went from fearful to a blissful feeling. I needed no pain relief pills, I mean ,none whatsoever. Next, needless to say, I have a mouthful of beautiful teeth, all perfectly functional and beautifully aligned to let me enjoy everymeal to the fullest and, another satisfaction, all my family and friends are completelypleased with my enthusiasm. I am truly grateful to the doctors and their excellent stafffor all the special attention they have given me. .I must admit to one regret; having waited longer than I should have.

Review from Yelp

My whole family suffers from bad teeth and I inherited the gene. I wore upper and lower flippers for over 20 years and was afraid to eat or smile as the partials would come out of my mouth at the slightest provocation.

It was embarrassing.

So, six years ago I paid a visit to Clear Choice and to say that I was impressed with the initial consultation is an understatement. I didn't realize there were so many places in my mouth to be x-rayed and studied. That intensive exam was free.

I met the entire staff and what awed me was that that all personnel and patients seemed to be, well . . . happy! It felt more like a family reunion than a consultation.

Because of the expense and at age 65 I wondered it I would be making a mistake by having a full set of upper and lower implants done. Unfortunately, I didn't have much of a choice as there was not enough bone in my jaw to support dentures.

So, I bit the bullet (so to speak). In one day all of my remaining teeth were extracted, posts inserted into my jaw and a full set of teeth were crafted and installed. They really took pains to let me pick my own shade of teeth and asked how young I wanted to look (not kidding).

Wish I could tell you that I came out of the operation looking like Robert Redford, but that wouldn't be true. In reality, I looked like an alien from outer space. I wasn't in a lot of pain (amazing), but my entire head was swollen.

In a week or so, my face returned to normal and everyone (including me) liked what they saw. I actually had to learn to smile, because for over 20 years I trained myself to not do so.

I have never suffered any negative consequences of the teeth, but I did make some foolish mistakes and broke some a couple of times. There is nothing worse than having missing teeth during a holiday. No problem. Clear Choice got me right in for the repairs, which were under warranty.

Yes, the procedure was expensive, but Clear Choice offered me a payment plan and I burned the mortgage a couple of years ago. Now the beautiful teeth are all mine, LOL. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I honestly don't even realize (nor does anyone else) that I have false teeth.

Everything is as if I grew a new set.

Thank you, Dr. Galindo and the entire staff at Clear Choice.

Frank Kocour

Review from Google

Always a very good experience......Doctors and staff are the best.

Review from Google

I went to Clearchoice and the experience CHANGED my life! Words could not convey the happiness that I get when I look in the mirror and see my beautiful smile. Who do I Thank? CLEARCHOICE is who I thank and the two most important professionals that I credit for that smile who are they? They are Dr. Galindo and Dr. Butera and their well trained and professional staff...from the Front office to the Back office. Price...can not be placed on happiness that has brought me complete confidence in myself. Again, thank you CLEARCHOICE for bringing out the best in me and that is my smile!