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At the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Sacramento, we think a positive team culture creates a better patient experience. That’s why we value our team members as much as our patients. Our team of doctors and clinical staff provide a restorative dental treatment for people in need of full mouth dental implants, multiple teeth implants, or a single tooth implant. Located in Roseville, the center is fully equipped with a dental lab, CT scanning equipment, and the experienced staff to give you a long–term dental implant solution.

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Review from Google

I would trust these doctors with my life.

Review from Yelp

Update of All on 4 Implants 8/10/17 - Just want to start off by saying to all the Yelpers that sent me private emails, compliments, and their phones numbers to discuss my experience in more detail, I'm so happy you found my post helpful. That was my intent, to take you through my All On 4 journey beginning with the surgery and hopefully answer the questions and concerns we all have with something of this magnitude. Now on to the 4 Month Post Op..

4 Month Post Op
Besides the day of surgery this is the longest appointment in my treatment plan, its scheduled for 3 hours. My appointment probably lasted in the 3 1/2 hours range, like I said in my initial review ClearChoice is not looking to get you in and out of the office, they are more interested in being thorough and making sure all your questions are answered.

My implants were removed to evaluate the healing and tissues, lots of x-rays to evaluate the posts as well. Great news is all my implants are fully integrated with the bone, no issues with my tissues or healing so complete success! With the success of the surgery out of the way it comes down to esthetics, phonetics, and comfort.

As far as esthetics, new impressions are made since now all the swelling and healing is pretty much gone, now I have the opportunity over several visits to make changes to the color, shape, size of my teeth and try out these changes before the final teeth are made. Both Prosthodontist Michael D. Forde and Jedediah Wooldridge evaluated my smile and made suggestions to improve the look which will be part of my next appointment when I try in these changes. To be honest my number one concern was not esthetics, I wanted to be able to chew and taste food again without having a partial covering up a substantial part of the roof of my mouth, I basically wanted the enjoyment of eating back in my life.

On the phonetics front, I do quite a bit of public speaking and I had my surgery first week of August, I had two speaking engagements scheduled shortly after the surgery. One last week of August and one second week of September. Although I was a bit concerned at the timing I had no problem delivering sessions at these events without any issues.

As far as comfort, I don't even know my All On 4 implants are there, you are not conscience of them what so ever, they become part of you. It's like night and day compared to the partials I had to wear for too many years

A couple of more thoughts on cost since my initial review. I thought about it and realized, I'm essentially done with dental insurance and procedures, no more filings, no crowns, no single implants, no root canals, pulling teeth, etc., etc, etc. I feel good about saying I'm done with dental insurance, especially in these days of rising heath cares costs. Don't get me wrong you still need to take care of your implants, on your 10 day post-op visit you are given a water pick and shown how to floss as well. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

Also on the insurance front, ClearChoice provided me with the necessary paperwork to submit to my insurance company for reimbursement. Understandably ClearChoice doesn't interact with your insurance company so it's up to you as far as reimbursed is concerned. I submitted my paperwork to my insurance company and was rejected but this seemed bogus to me. I had 22 teeth extracted and as far as I'm concerned was entitled to be reimbursed for those procedures covered in my policy. After a couple of calls, some heated, I was able to get fully reimbursed and received the maximum benefits from my policy. Another word of advice, if you believe you are in the right and not having a successful outcome, contact your states Insurance Commissioner's Office, they are there to help resolve these types of issues.

Staff Interaction
As I mentioned in my initial ClearChoice review, I had the wrong impression that ClearChoice was too corporate but again I was completely wrong. Everyone is super nice and genuinely concerned with your case, they realize this is a big commitment and speaking for myself this wasn't entirely about esthetics it was about getting my life back. Special shout out to Rachel, she has been exceptional walking both my wife and myself through this process.

Review from Yelp

An old review gave a not favorable review but we went to the first appointment anyway. It turned out that poor review was from 2012 and it has changed hands.
The whole process was smooth from start to finish, even when we had a pain crisis. They were easy to get on phone and give help. The implants are beautiful and we don't even have the finals. The office is modern and clean. All of the employees are friendly and exude professionalism The whole plan is explained and carried out as described
We would highly recommend this service to anyone

Review from Yelp

All On 4 Dental Implant
My first instinct was to find a private practice instead of ClearChoice because they seemed too corporate, I was wrong. I couldn't be happier with ClearChoice for their personal and professional service.

I was considering the All On 4 procedure for both my upper and lower teeth so this is a both a large financial and health commitment. Coming into the consultation I had done a significant amount of research and had plenty of questions. Rachel Hofman was my consultant and she was great, providing answers to my questions and calling in surgeons when necessary to answer questions as well. I never felt like I was being sold, Rachel and the staff were mainly trying to understand my expectations and make sure the All On 4 procedure was right for me.

I interviewed many dental oral surgeons before settling on ClearChoice looking at both cost and how comfortable they made me feel while in their office. If I throw out the highest cost and lowest estimates ClearChoice is quite competitive. Cost is not the only factor here, I had to be comfortable with the entire staff. Couple of factors were in ClearChoices favor, they provide the permanent implants and surgery, essentially one stop shopping and no finger pointing. One of the providers I considered actually lost my paperwork after sending me to the oral surgeon so they were never able to put a plan together for me. The other interesting item was many of the private practice surgeons are ex-ClearChoice. It made sense to go with the people who do this as their only business and won't shuttle me between offices or doctors. Another thing is many of the private practice oral surgeons charge for the 3D scans, ClearChoice does not and without the 3D-Scan you can't be assured you are a good candidate for the procedure you want.

Prior to scheduling the surgery you have to go in for a pre-op checkup, more scans, choose your temporary implants, teeth/color, and some other stuff. Very professional and your not alone in the choices, doctors and staff help you with the choices of color and teeth making sure it's a natural look taking many factors into consideration.

Day Of Surgery
Given that I was having all my upper and lower teeth pulled (22) and 4 posts put into my lower and 4 posts put into my upper jaw for the implants to be attached I was extremely nervous. I was immediately put to ease when I arrived at 6:45 in the morning by the staff. Since I was going to be there all day I was concerned my wife would be sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room all day, I was pleasantly surprised that you are brought into a private room for recovery and where your significant other waits for you as well, very comfortable over stuffed recliners, satellite TV, refrigerator stocked with ensure protein drinks, water, apple juice, and pudding. Nice touch.

I think I was wheeled into surgery about 7AM and back into the recovery room at around 12:30PM, since I was sedated the exact times are hard to recollect. What I do remember is how Dr. Namiranian put me at ease prior to the surgery, there was no pain during the surgery and when he woke me up I was not in much pain either, mostly discomfort, as far as I'm concerned he did a magnificent job.

After being in my private recovery room for what seemed to be a couple of hours I was then wheeled back for fittings of the upper and lowers dental implants. Dr. Forde handled that part of the procedure; he also was the Prosthodontist who helped me pick out the shape and color of my teeth at my pre-op appointment. After some adjustments my teeth were in, very natural look thanks to Dr. Forde.

Rachel came by to see what my new teeth looked like and also wanted to see my wife's reaction when she first saw me with my new teeth so escorted me back to the recovery room. That was very nice of her, again I didn't feel like a number, the staff takes a genuine interest in you.

I don't think I was released till 5:30PM, so they are definitely not trying to get you in and out as quick as possible.

The nurses tell you the 3rd and 4th day will be the worst for pain, they are right. The day of surgery and day after surgery pain was there but nothing like I expected. I didn't want to take any narcotics just wanted to get by on 600mg of ibuprofen. Well on the third and forth day the pain was too intense and had to alternate 5mg of oxycodone with the ibuprofen. After the fifth day just taking ibuprofen as needed if any. Considering the scope of the surgery I'm amazed I was not in more pain, again my hats off to Dr. Namiranian and the ClearChoice team

It's only been a little over a week after my surgery and just began this long journey but I'm confident I made the right decision going with ClearChoice. Thanks ClearChoice!

Review from Judy's Book

I have never been treated so well by everyone. From the reception person, to Linda Kopec, then to Nancy ,Dr.Michael Forde and Dr.Jedediah Wooldridge. I mean everyone, even people who didn't even know me gave me a hug or hand shack . This place made me feel like family so I give them as many stars that are in the sky. I'd like to thank everyone for a very pleasant time, even though it was a dentist appointment.

Review from Judy's Book

I wish this had been available to me years earlier. I would do it over again in an instant.

Review from Google

They were wonderful. Getting things started in November. Very excited to get my smile back!

Review from Google

Excellent Excellent ExcellentMy partner and i came into Clear Choice Dental for a preliminary consult on June 25, 2012. Every thing sound so good, so we came back on July 31, 2012. The staff here treated us like we were the only person here. We felt like we were on cloud 9. The entire staff treated us with the up most care and respect that i have ever received from any dental office. The front desk area / lobby looks like a 4 star hotel resort. That how all dental office should be. They have every thing you will need there, including a private waiting room, with flat screen and refreshment. This was so me.... The staff was / is the most professional and caring people i every came across. My partner teeth look so real and like his other teeth's. I would say that is a EXCELLENT JOB...Thank you so much, c.jay

Review from Google

I love clear choice, they're the best! Everyone working there is great, the Doctors and all the staff. They know what they are doing and your treated very well. And of course the end results, you have beautiful teeth!! I would recommend Clear Choice to everyone. They are excellent!!!! Sincerely, Linda Morley

Review from Google

My wife had upper denture for almost 15 years, she was down to 7 teeth and an ill fitting bridge on the bottom. She had discussions with her dentist about implants but after seeing an AD about ClearChoice decided to go for a consultation. After tour/X-rays /consultation she decided to go with Clear Choice. Great decision, She/we are extremely pleased with the result and the professionalism of the staff. She went in at 7AM and walked out at 1PM with implants in place and a new set of matching upper dentures, She now has her permanent dentures an they look and perform great. Dr Sobieralski's attitude of making certain everything is correct before releasing her was fantastic, He even interrupted a Black Friday shopping excursion with his family to come in in a repair a Turkey day mishap my wife had with her temporary implants. I would recommend Clear Choice to anyone, a very professional operation.

Review from Google

I have had trouble with my teeth since I was little...when I was told I had to have the upper portion of my teeth replaced by my dentist because of periodontal problems, I was so stressed out, due to the "unknown" of this procedure and what problems I could have. I did a lot of research and found Clearchoice to be the one I was most comfortable with. I made my appointment and all I can say is, these people were the most professional, caring people I could of hoped for. Not only did they take my fears away, but they treated me with the up most care and respect! I started my procedure early this year and I have the most beautiful teeth imaginable! And, they are not even my permanent ones yet which I get in June!! I opted for the 4 in 1, which are "permanent" and not at all like "dentures"...I read some comments from people not happy with theirs which makes me wonder why because I cannot say anything negative about the staff and I AM A REAL PATIENT! The cost you pay for your smile, is well worth it! I get compliments everywhere I go and I would highly, highly recommend to any of my friends that need this procedure to go to Clearchoice!! All I do is smile now and thank you Clearchoice for making my life more "beautiful"...

Review from Yelp

My wife had upper denture for almost 15 years, she was down to 7 teeth and an ill fitting bridge on the bottom. She had discussions with her dentist about implants but after seeing an Ad about ClearChoice decided to go for a consultation. After atour/X-rays /consultation she decided to go with Clear Choice. Great decision, She/we are extremely pleased with the result and the professionalism of the staff. She went in at 7AM and walked out at 1PM with implants in place and a new set of matching upper dentures, She now has her permanent dentures an they look and perform great. Dr Sobieralski's attitude of making certain everything is correct before releasing her was fantastic, He even interrupted a Black Friday shopping excursion with his family to come in in a repair a Turkey day mishap my wife had with her temporary implants.We would recommend Clear Choice to anyone, a very professional operation.

Review from Yelp

I have been to the dentist 11 times in 10 months. I am a victim of my genetic heritage. I have always get cavities no matter how much I brush and floss. I got tired of having bad teeth so I went to clearchoice for a consultation. They offered me better alternatives for my situation. They would not take my case. The place is beautiful and the workers are very professional. I regard clearchoice to be a 5 star vendor.

Review from Google

I have started in June 2012 and it's been an awesome experience. I have had all upper teeth removed and replaced by clear choice. Since then, I have received the most professional service that anyone can ask for in a business. The personal there is awesome in caring for your needs as I go thru the process of getting my teeth replaced. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their dental needs! Thank you Clear Choice.......