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Dental Implants in Tampa

At the ClearChoice Dental Implant Center in Tampa, our doctors and support staff regard teamwork as one of our most valuable assets, working hard to meet the needs of our patients first and foremost. You’ll feel a sense of family working with our knowledgeable doctors as you begin your journey to a new smile. Whether you are considering full mouth dental implants, multiple teeth implants, or a single tooth implant, ClearChoice Tampa can give you the treatment you need all under one roof. Reclaiming your smile has never been easier.

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Review from Google

Every member of the team is caring and professional. They really make miracles happen. The best of the best. If you have dental problems do not hesitate to schedule a consultation. You will not regret it.

Review from Google

The staff has been excellent through the whole process. After my surgery Christgen was by my side and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend Clear Choice Dental, Tampa. Peggy Jalca

Review from Google

Hello everybody! I just want to let you know how happy I am for the decision that I made In my life.

One day my husband asked me if I did not want the meal he prepared because it was such a delicious meal. I said I am eating it, but i was struggling because my gum was painful, the denture was hitting my gum. At that time we were still on vacation and we saw an ad on the television about Clear Choice dental implants so my husband told me do you want to check this out? I was kind of hesitant so I said OK let's do it. We went to the office to check it out and we talk to the staffs. I was convinced by Brett who did the check up of all my teeth for had 11 teeth missing. My 18 remaining teeth were already sensitive and my gum was starting to recede for it runs in my family. The root of my tooth was becoming slimmer and the gum was sensitive when I drink cold or hot water. I had done a root canal years ago on one of my teeth and spent a lot but I was not able to save that tooth and I don't want to go back and forth to the dentist. What Brett explained made sense that a lot of people dies because of diseases that started from the teeth because its closer to the heart. So after check up and figuring how much it will cost me, we put up our first down payment and after 11 months I paid it off. I was a very good patient and everybody are very nice in that office in Falkenberg. Dr. Ong and Dr. Kelley extracted my teeth and all the staffs were very attentive. I stayed during the extraction for eight hours and I went home with my temporary teeth. For three days it was a little bit uncomfortable because of the swollen gum but it was not painful because before the pain comes I already took my pain medicine. Christian and Freda were very good hygienist. They make me comfortable when ever they do the hygiene on my teeth.
I used a blender or the Nutri bullet to prepare for my food at that time. After that I go back to have my dental implants check and religiously go back for my appointments. I did DOUBLE ALL IN 4 dental implants while I am still working at the Casino so that way I don't have to go back and forth to the dentist. Now I can chew the food with no pain and I enjoy and tastes the food well which Is good for my Health. I can enjoy now the Pistaccio nuts which is one of my favorites nuts on my snacks.
I will recommend this Office to anyone!!! You will not regret!!!

Thank you Clear Choice!!

Review from Google

I gave Clear Choice 5 stars, because they really know their business. I kept seeing their commercial all the time and it got me thinking about it more seriously about going to them back in February of 2017. I really got tired of the hiding, the covering up to hide the smile I really used to have and tired of being self conscious ( that was the bottom line of going to them) and I was also tired of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix my teeth and to have them just break again.
So I made an appointment with the Tampa office since I was going to Florida to see my mother for two weeks and got the ball rolling (sorta speak). Dr. Kelly is one of the gentlest and kindest doctors I have ever met. Dr. Oh did the implants and she did an excellent job too. I took a picture of me before and after and WOW what a difference it made. I was SPEECHLESS when I got shown for the first time and it takes a lot to do just that!
Now I am smiling a hell of alot more and my family, friends, and co-workers are just amazed and have noticed it too. I am also very SELF CONFIDENT now too. My hats off to the WHOLE Tampa office to giving me my smile and my self confidence back. You will never know I will appreciate it in the years to come.
Diane B

Review from Google

Great results. Love my new teeth!

Review from Google

My experience was very good ,they did an excellent job. I would recommend Clear Choice to everyone!

Review from Google

Absolutely the most positive experience from the initial appointment to my permanent implants placed. Everyone in ClearChoice Tampa treat you with the highest regard, very professional. Zoe, Bobby, Susan, Bret, Christian, Sheba and Dr. Kelly, thank you so much and I know I am forgetting some names, especially to the young man in the lab that created my awesome smile! Thank you all!
To those that are considering dental implants, please consider ClearChoice Tampa. Make them your first choice.

Review from Google

Very knowledgeable dental surgeons and nice staff. They go out of the way to walk you through everything step by step. This is not the most comfortable experience you will ever face but it is rewarding once your new teeth are in place. I would recommend this to anyone with failing or missing teeth. The process is well worth the expense.

Review from Google

Excellent patient experience. All staff personable and treat you like family. Staff are highly trained and skilled. The BEST dental treatment I have ever had. I get complements every day on how my teeth look. This changed my life. Dr Kelly and staff are absolute the best at creating custom teeth for people.

Review from Google

I am extremely impressed with the high level of professionalism of this organization. They are giving me what I have dreamed of for years. I highly recommend ClearChoice Tampa to anyone considering implant oriented dental reconstruction.

Review from Yelp

My experience was amazing . My past dental visit were very scary and here at Clearchoice everyone made me feel very comfortable and It was the best Choice I could have made.
Thank you All!!!! MS

Review from Yelp

My teeth had gotten well worn in my 60 years, as Dr Kelly in the Tampa office said, I did a good job of polishing my teeth. After looking at a number of options, the total replacement seemed the best plan. Had both tops and bottoms replaced on 11-11-2016. Since I am a big baby I was worried about the pain. To my surprise there was no pain on the day of surgery and only a little in the days to follow. I did follow the instructions for post surgery care. I will say that there is plenty of discomfort due to the swelling and numbness. It is a challenge to get used to a new set of teeth and eating can be trying, but it gets better everyday. I do have a bit of a lisp but Dr Kelly said that will subside over time and completely when I get the final set.

The Tampa Clear Choice were professional, courteous and very caring, they went above and beyond what I expected, really good people. Dr Kelly is a consummate professional, I recommend him/them highly.

While it is expensive it is a total, complete and final solution. I had looked at a piecemeal option and it was going to be expensive and only fix a few things. Doing the full restoration was the way to go for me.

Bottom line; pain for me was totally manageable, discomfort was a minor hassle, and the new teeth are just incredible. Very happy with my experience with Tampa Clear Choice.


Review from Google

I absolutely love every one, they have made the whole experience of getting an implant from start to finish comfortable, answering all my questions and concerns, thank you all so much for giving me back not only my smile but my confidence as well.

Review from Yelp

Ok. I just had my last appointment. They were the best. From Susan, Zoe, all the nurses. Dr Kelly is very nice. They all truly cares about making you feel comfortable. I never once regretted using them or even coming to my appointments. I live in St Pete. I didnt like the drive. But it was worth the trip. I have my self-esteem back. I smile and laugh more. Im can eat and chew my food. I cant express it enough. If you're having problems, go see them.