Behind every ClearChoice smile is the journey it took to get there. No matter what dental issues you’re facing or what’s holding you back from treatment, we’re certain you’ll find inspiration in the stories of real people just like you.


From Embarrassment to Confidence

Growing up, Tim’s family never went to the dentist and couldn’t afford dental care. Consequently, he started losing teeth as he aged.

Meet Tim


Regaining Her Voice

Jackie received multiple bridges in her mouth as a teenager and battled with them for nearly 30 years. When an accident at work dislodged her bridges and broke the underlying teeth, she felt like she had to adjust her life around her dental problems.

Meet Jackie


Returning to Tradition

Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that bring us the most joy. For Sue, it’s a weekly lunch date with her sister.

Meet Sue


Back to the Front Row

For several years, Tommy dealt with missing and broken teeth by simply hiding in plain sight. Quickly, his teeth became his biggest insecurity.

Meet Tommy

Ron and Jenny

Finding Each Other Again

Ron and Jenny do almost everything together. From trips to the grocery store to driving to work each morning, they’re virtually inseparable.

Meet Ron and Jenny