Welcome Back Angel and Carolyn

Second Chances

Angel and Carolyn’s love story is a tale that might seem like a Hollywood script. Although they dated in high school, the couple went their separate ways after graduation and married different people. After each one lost their spouse decades later, they eventually rekindled their relationship and decided to get married.

While some aspects stayed the same since their teenage years, they both admitted to each other that they had struggled to keep up with their dental health.

“Back when we were 16, Angel had a darling smile! But when we got back together, he wouldn’t smile at all.”

Carolyn herself had to get multiple bridges put in when she was young, which led to a partial denture later in life. “It got to the point where I couldn’t taste my food anymore,” she stated.

Angel’s lack of dental hygiene triggered multiple dentist visits, with even more quick fixes that never seemed to end.

  • Name: Angel and Carolyn
  • Age: 70
  • Condition: Missing/Failing teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: Phoenix
  • Before:
    • Couldn’t taste her food with partial denture
    • Hid his mouth with his hand while talking to people
    • Tired of dealing with short-term dental fixes
  • After:
    • Can bite into fruit and eat anything
    • Happy with long-term dental solution
    • Can speak clearly with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Advice: “Don’t take your smile for granted, and always take the time to smile”

“I had an accident and had caps put in. Then one morning, I got up and the caps fell off,” recalled Angel. “That was the point I decided I needed to make the investment in myself.”“I didn’t want any more problems,” said Angel.

Angel and Carolyn went to the ClearChoice Phoenix center, where they learned about dental implants as a long-term tooth replacement solution. Angel knew he was ready to move forward with treatment and get a smile that looked and felt more natural.

“The staff is wonderful, and Dr. Galindo is fantastic,” said Carolyn. “Sitting there watching Angel’s experience, the whole procedure was fascinating. You’re able to come out and have a smile all in one day, all in one place.”

After going through the treatment process, Angel and Carolyn could both see the difference it made for him.

“Before, I was having trouble communicating. I would mumble and had trouble pronouncing certain words, because I was missing certain teeth,” said Angel. “Now I can communicate with my full vocabulary. I no longer feel inadequate.”

Seeing her husband with a new smile, Carolyn was convinced. She decided to get ClearChoice dental implants for herself. “It’s been so exciting to have my smile back,” she shared.

“When we first got together, it was like we were teenagers again. Now having gone through this together, we’re closer. It has enabled us to be more affectionate. It’s been a new adventure.”