Welcome Back Bill

A Personal Investment

For Bill, every meeting with a customer was a reminder of his long-time dental issues. Although he loved his customer-facing career, he worried about other people’s perception of his teeth and didn’t feel comfortable showing them off.

“I realized that I was getting close to the point I was going to need dentures, and I just didn’t want to think about taking those things in and out all the time.”

After researching online, Bill came to ClearChoice to learn more about dental implants and the ClearChoice all-in-one center approach.

“I made a decision it was time to do something for myself that was going to be permanent.”

“I wanted to make the investment that would give me such confidence for the rest of my life.”The day of the procedure, Bill left the ClearChoice center with a temporary set of teeth.

“My temporary teeth looked so good I couldn’t imagine what the customized ones were going to look like.”

  • Name: Bill
  • Age: 60
  • Condition: Missing/Failing teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: Kansas City
  • Before:
    • Worried about people’s perception of his teeth
    • Poor dental health led to threat of dentures
    • Conscious about his smile
  • After:
    • Teeth feel a part of his body
    • Increased confidence with functional smile
    • Family was thrilled at his new teeth
  • Advice: “Make an investment that will give you confidence for the rest of your life.”



Throughout the entire process, Bill felt confident in his ClearChoice team and was pleased at how they involved him in treatment decisions.“I got to choose the color of my teeth, the shapes – how large or small. It’s the perfect color for me.”

With his new set of upper and lower implants, Bill never has to think about his teeth anymore when interacting with people.

“I have the best smile I’ve ever had in my life!”

“The implants are a part of my body. I’m not conscious of them being in my mouth.”

With increased confidence and a healthy, functional smile, Bill has no regrets with his decision to invest in himself.

“It’s amazing what a smile can do for a person. I don’t know how you would put a price on such a change in your life.”