Welcome Back Chastity

Family Values

The simple act of smiling hasn’t always been easy for Chastity. As she got older, she grappled with periodontal disease and loose teeth, which she felt inhibited her ability to show off her true self.

“We have a big family. When we would take family photos, it was uncomfortable for me to smile,” said Chastity. “My teeth were shifting and loose. It got to be too much.”

Like mothers often do, Chastity always put her family first. When her husband and three daughters saw her physical and emotional discomfort, they encouraged Chastity to fix her dental issues and stood with her along the way.

“My middle daughter, Autumn, actually made the appointment at ClearChoice for me. She knew that I wouldn’t make the appointment myself.”

“She was very self-conscious about her teeth,” said Chastity’s daughter, Autumn. “It was something that everyone knew, but nobody talked about.”

“I was nervous, but I was really excited for my free consultation. It was at that point when I became hopeful that this could be what I’ve been waiting for.”

  • Name: Chastity
  • Age: 44
  • Condition: Periodontal Disease
  • ClearChoice Center: The Woodlands
  • Before:
    • Suffered with gum disease
    • Couldn’t smile in family photos
    • Felt she was not worth the investment
  • After:
    • Can smile without embarrassment
    • Happy with long-term dental solution
    • Comfortable in social situations
  • Advice: “You would not believe how much happier and healthier you’ll be with dental implants.”



The clinical staff at ClearChoice The Woodlands worked with Chastity to create a personalized treatment plan. Chastity was able to customize her new smile, selecting the size, color, and shape of her teeth. The day of the procedure, Chastity left the ClearChoice center with a new set of teeth.

“I literally cried like a baby. As soon as I saw myself, I was shocked at the difference. You would not believe how much happier and healthier you’ll be if you take that step.”

“It’s amazing, and I’m so happy for her,” said Autumn. “I’ve wanted her to do this for so long.”

“This is one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done,” said Chastity. “It ranks up there with the birth of my children and my marriage.”

Now Chastity feels like herself again.

“What had held me back before doesn’t hold me back anymore. I see myself again.”