Welcome Back Dave

A Lasting Impression

Now Dave can laugh about the times when his front teeth would fall out on his plate while eating, but at the time, the experience was anything but amusing.

For years, Dave’s personal and professional life was ruled by his dental health issues. It started off when Dave’s family dentist passed away at the same time he was going through a divorce.

“Because of a lot of different things, I kind of let my teeth go.”

“I should’ve looked for a new dentist, but a day turns into a month, which turns into a year. Now all of a sudden, it’s 10 years, and I’m getting abscesses bi-weekly.”

Then, one day Dave was chewing a piece of candy and his two front teeth snapped off. Shocked, he tried to figure out a temporary fix.

The initial attempt at a provisional repair turned into four years of super gluing his front teeth together three to four times a day. Not only was his health suffering, but also many other aspects of his life.

“I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence. That was never something I lacked until the teeth started breaking down.”

  • Name: Dave
  • Age: 50
  • Condition: Lack of Dental Care
  • ClearChoice Center: Cleveland
  • Before:
    • Teeth would fall out while eating
    • Ignored dental health, which lead to later problems
    • Loss of confidence and social life
  • After:
    • Personality and confidence returned
    • Wishes he did transformation sooner
    • Enhanced professional life
  • Advice: “I can never put a price on what the dental implants did for me.”



“But as my teeth degraded I could see both my personal and my work life was degrading.”Dave works as a pit boss at a casino, supervising game tables and interacting with guests. In a highly visible role, Dave knew that making the right first impression was a key part of his success. “I always kept my appearance up because at the casino it’s very important,” he said. “My shoes were always shined; I wore excellent suits. Everything looked good – until I opened my mouth.”

Finally, Dave went to a dentist, who suggested he look into ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers. Dave scheduled a consultation that same day, and ultimately decided to go through with the procedure.

“Every step along the way, the entire staff at the ClearChoice center is helping you.”

“They’re telling you what to expect. They’re guiding you,” he explained. “In everything they did, my ClearChoice team made me abundantly aware that they cared about me. They do it from the heart.”Now with a bright, healthy, functional smile, Dave feels like he’s back on top of his game, and he’s amazed at the dramatic change he experienced. “It didn’t just enhance my personal life; it enhanced my professional life. It put me back to the Dave of 20, 25 years ago,” he stated. “The confidence was back. The personality was back. The showmanship was back.”

“I can never put a price on what the teeth have done for me.”