Welcome Back Ghadir

A Real Reason to Smile

Ghadir’s dental problems started when she was a child, with cavities and a knocked out tooth, and continued long into her adult life. She went through years of dental treatments, adjustments and discomfort trying to maintain her natural teeth.

“I felt like it was just patch jobs all the time, and then I was right back at the dentist again for the same thing.”

Tired of the constant maintenance, Ghadir decided to try a bridge, but afterward she discovered it didn’t alleviate her discomfort and tooth sensitivity.

“I was spending money left and right because I kept thinking that once and for all my mouth was going to be normal,” she said. “It was like painting a rusty car – it didn’t fix the problem.”

Next, Ghadir decided to have her teeth pulled and have a denture made. Even after multiple adjustments and fittings with three different sets of dentures, she still wasn’t able to find the fit she wanted.

  • Name: Ghadir
  • Age: 51
  • Condition: Dentures
  • ClearChoice Center: Cleveland
  • Before:
    • Dental problems started as a child
    • Constantly spending money on quick fixes
    • Eating and drinking was unpleasant experience
  • After:
    • Feels it’s the best thing she’s done for herself
    • Increased confidence
    • Impressed that implants feel like her real teeth
  • Advice: “It was worth the cost to finally get a comfortable, long-term solution.”



“I definitely didn’t feel comfortable. My hand was always covering my mouth,” she said. “When I ate, I always took very tiny bites because I was so cautious.”After seeing a commercial for ClearChoice one night after work, Ghadir came in for a free consultation.

“They explained everything, and I felt like they really heard what I was saying.”

She worked with the clinical staff at ClearChoice Dental Implant Center to design the healthy smile she had been seeking for so long.

“They asked me the style, the shape, the color of the teeth,” she explained. “They wanted to know what was going to make me happy.”

Now with a full set of dental implants, Ghadir finally has a smile that not only comfortably fits her mouth but also one that fits her exuberant personality.