Welcome Back Jackie

Regaining Her Voice

Jackie received multiple bridges in her mouth as a teenager and battled with them for nearly 30 years. When an accident at work dislodged her bridges and broke the underlying teeth, she felt like she had to adjust her life around her dental problems.

“It changed my speech, and it changed my response patterns. Something as simple and intimate as a kiss, that became difficult,” said Jackie.

“She loves to sing, laugh, smile, and share her joy with the world,” said Jackie’s friend Tracy. “Suddenly, she can’t participate or speak.”

Singing in her church choir was such a large part of Jackie’s lifestyle. A part that slowly faded away.

“I was afraid to sing out loud, so a lot of times I kept quiet,” said Jackie. “Because of my dental condition, it was like a chord that was missing in a song.”

“She was in a quiet place, totally out of character,” said Tracy.

Since Jackie had a fear of the dentist, she silently endured her dental issues, but didn’t give up on finding a solution.

  • Name: Jackie
  • Age: 50
  • Condition: Accident/Injury
  • ClearChoice Center: Chicago
  • Before:
    • Workplace accident knocked out bridges
    • Didn’t want to sing with missing teeth
    • Became withdrawn and self-conscious
  • After:
    • Overcame her anxiety about the dentist
    • Feels that implants feel like real teeth
    • Can sing with comfort and confidence again
  • Advice: “My dental implants are a permanent part of me that allows me to do the things I love.”





“I was scared, even starting the process, because I associated the dentist with pain. I wanted to fix my teeth. But I just couldn’t.”

When she finally found ClearChoice, she felt immediately at ease by the doctors and clinical staff. They explained the benefits of long-term dental implants and how she could experience a one-day transformation that would give her a beautiful smile, and more importantly, a voice.

“Going to ClearChoice, it was a calm that came over me that I hadn’t had before. They answered questions I didn’t know I had. They made me feel more secure throughout the whole process.”

Now that Jackie can return to choir practice with a new smile, she says she can concentrate on spreading her joy through song once again.

“It was a life-changing experience. It’s a permanent part of me that allows me to do the things I love with the people I love the most.”