Welcome Back Josh

The Road to Recovery

It was a fluke injury.

While on a fishing trip during spring break, Josh was pricked with a fishing hook in his foot, and as a result, contracted a staph infection that would change his life forever.

Despite taking multiple antibiotics, his infection persisted, and a hospital stay became inevitable. On the way to the hospital, Josh went into full kidney failure and was placed in a 17-day coma. Eventually, to save his life, his legs, right hand, and left fingers were amputated and his teeth were pulled.

“I had given up, and that was the dark time. I didn’t picture that I wouldn’t be able to drive or dress myself. I thought I’d be a guy in a chair or on the couch under my parents’ care for the rest of my life.”

But this wasn’t the end for Josh.

Slowly, he was determined to get back to his old self. He was fitted with prosthetic legs, and began to learn to walk again. He also explored dentures, but often times wouldn’t wear them because of pain and an inability to eat.

“Losing my legs was a lot easier to cope with than losing my teeth. I could see myself with prosthetic legs, but not without teeth.”

  • Name: Josh
  • Age: 38
  • Condition: Accident/Injury, Dentures
  • ClearChoice Center: Salt Lake City
  • Before:
    • Staph infection led to amputations and teeth removal
    • Experienced pain with a denture
    • Saw active lifestyle diminished
  • After:
    • Able to eat and chew properly
    • No more pain
    • Active snowboarder and Paralympic hopeful
  • Advice: “Having great teeth gives you such confidence, and it’s enabled me to be who I am today.”



Worried about the subsequent bone loss in his jaw, Josh decided he needed a longer lasting tooth replacement solution. “We wanted to get it right, so my parents and I put in months of research.”“When I finally walked in the door at ClearChoice and saw the process, we signed up right then. I think dental implants are far superior to the lock-in denture, and they’re going to last a lifetime.”

“The staff at ClearChoice was wonderful. My parents went through everything with me, and I can say we found another family.”

Josh was fitted with zirconia dental implants, and he couldn’t be happier with the way it’s improved his overall health and his smile.

“When I look in the mirror, I see the best me. I see the possibilities. I don’t see a disfigured smile or sunken-in cheeks. I feel like a whole new person.”

He credits his new smile as the jolt he needed to get back out and pursue his passions – including snowboarding. Now, he’s training and hoping to make it to the Paralympics.“It’s given me confidence in ways I didn’t know. Incredible courage. I was just coming in to get a medical fix for my teeth, but people always tell me that my teeth look amazing.”