Welcome Back Keith

A Healthy Long-Term Solution

Keith’s charismatic smile has always been a part of his identity. But when he started to lose his teeth in his mid-30s, he felt like he couldn’t do his job properly.

“I oversee job sites, and that requires a lot of physical activity. My teeth really limited my ability do some of the activity I wanted to do.”

Keith was also uncomfortably aware of the effects his poor dental health was having on his body.

“I didn’t want to let diseases and germs build up in my mouth,” said Keith. “I wanted something permanent. I went to several different dentists, and a lot of them proposed a 24-month program,” said Keith. “I couldn’t afford the time to take off.”

An engineer by trade, he meticulously researched his options, and eventually decided on ClearChoice because he could get the dental implant procedure done in one day, all under one roof.

“They had something that met my requirements as far as time limits and what I wanted as far as value.”

  • Name: Keith
  • Age: 50
  • Condition: Missing or Unhealthy Teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: The Woodlands
  • Before:
    • Dealt with pain on a daily basis
    • Dental condition was deteriorating quickly
    • Felt that teeth impacted his ability to perform job
  • After:
    • Happy with one-day dental solution
    • Teeth don’t hold him back from working
    • Can smile and eat with comfort and confidence
  • Advice: “Do your research when looking for a long-term dental solution. For me, it all came down to ClearChoice.”



With a full set of upper and lower dental implants, Keith is a now a picture of health.

“They look and feel great. You can eat whatever you want. You can get on with your life.”

And most of all, Keith is thankful for the support of his ClearChoice center.

“It was very comforting to know that you had a team behind you that always wants you to look your very best.”