Welcome Back Libby

A Long Time Coming

Libby struggled with lifelong dental health issues, despite good dental hygiene habits and regular dentist visits.

By the time Libby was in high school, she already had veneer caps on her teeth.

A car accident, and then a boating accident a few years later, further damaged many of her teeth. What followed was years of root canals and multiple oral surgeries.

“I wanted to save my teeth; I didn’t realize that the procedures I chose were going to be a lifelong devotion.”

Libby’s life began to revolve around her dental issues, and she struggled to eat, resorting instead to drinking her food.

After an unsuccessful first set of crowns, she had them removed and put on a second set, further extending the long healing process. Finally, Libby realized she might have another option when she saw a commercial for ClearChoice. Although she was skeptical at first that it could work for her, she attended a free consultation.

  • Name: Libby
  • Age: 53
  • Condition: Missing/Failing teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: San Antonio
  • Before:
    • History of dental issues
    • Teeth damaged in multiple accidents
    • Severe tooth pain became main focus
  • After:
    • Cried with joy upon seeing new teeth
    • Free of mouth disease and constant pain
    • Self confidence is through the roof
  • Advice: “Put your trust in a team that cares about you as a patient.”



“The day I walked into the ClearChoice center truly started the change of my life.”

Libby was confident in her ClearChoice team and eager to finally have a solution to the dental issues that had been consuming her life for so long. “I felt in such good hands. When I went in, I was given IV sedation, and I was comfortable through the entire procedure.”

“Afterward when they handed me the mirror, the first thing I did was cry with joy.”

After receiving a temporary set of upper and lower teeth the day of her procedure, Libby worked with her ClearChoice team to design her custom set of teeth. “My team cared about the way I looked as much as I did, so I relied on their opinions in choosing the color and shape of my teeth.”Now with her new smile and the cycle of dental procedures and healing behind her, Libby is enjoying life. “I’m healthier than I have been in years, and my self-confidence is through the roof. I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want.”