Welcome Back Randy

Cooking  with Confidence

You could say it’s BBQ sauce that’s flowing through Randy’s veins.

“My mother married a man, and his name could’ve been in the encyclopedia under BBQ,” laughed Randy. “I learned well from him. Now I’ve been in the business for 22 years, and my passion has always been serving some of the best BBQ.”

Randy owns and operates a BBQ food truck in Spicewood, Texas and considers customer service as big a part of his job as his slow-cooked process. But a motorcycle accident at age 15 impaired his ability to smile, and later diminished his ability to interact with his guests. “Since the accident, I was basically ashamed to smile. It made life tough.”

“People love eating my BBQ, but I couldn’t even eat it, and I’m the chef. Can you imagine not being able to taste your own food, or be afraid to eat it in from of anyone? Or smile at customers as they come up to order?”

  • Name: Randy
  • Age: 58
  • Condition: Accident/Injury
  • ClearChoice Center: Austin
  • Before:
    • Injured teeth in motorcycle accident at age 15
    • Couldn’t taste his own cooking
    • Uncomfortable with his smile for more than 40 years
  • After:
    • Can eat and chew the food he cooks
    • Interacts with his customers without embarrassment
    • Renewed sense of confidence
  • Advice: “Dental implants gave me the ability to chew and taste my own food, which is essential for a chef like me.”



Randy initially didn’t consider his dental health a priority because his focus was always on his family first. His initial brush with dentures, with his wife, actually opened his eyes on the process.

“I saw what she had to go through with dentures,” said Randy. “Dentures are not dependable. I knew that was never going to work for me.”

Even after Randy’s wife passed away, her words still stuck with him.

“She encouraged me to take care of my teeth,” said Randy. “I’ve been uncomfortable with my smile for 41 years. I saw the ClearChoice commercial and saw they could get it done in one day.”Randy was blown away at the reception from the time he made his first visit for the free consultation.

“Walking into ClearChoice was awesome. Very nice people who greet you and treat you like family. Dr. Pharr is incredible. He makes you feel comfortable, as if you are a family member,” said Randy.”

Now with a new set of upper and lower teeth, Randy is back to pursuing his passion. With a new smile and a renewed sense of confidence, Randy hopes his life is as full of flavor as his BBQ.

“I’m so ready to live. Today I have no regrets,” stated Randy. “I’m ready to smile the rest of my life and enjoy the world, and have the world enjoy me back. ClearChoice gave me my life back.”