Welcome Back Richard

Delivering New Life with a New Smile

For Richard, bringing a child into the world isn’t merely a job; it’s a special calling. As an OB/GYN, he’s spent the last several decades delivering babies and uniquely capturing moments with each family.

“Each baby that is born is a miracle by itself. I asked myself how I could make this special for each family,” said Richard.

Richard works tirelessly to make each experience extraordinary and presents every family with photos and a video time capsule commemorating their child’s birth. He’s taken thousands of photos with new mothers, fathers, and babies. But over the years, as Richard’s scrapbook filled up, he realized his declining dental health kept him from smiling in many of his photos. His special gift wasn’t reaching its potential.

“It really hurt because I loved smiling and having those joyful moments at the birth. I was fearful as a physician that I would be judged by my teeth.”

As a doctor, Richard was extremely aware of his dental issues. He had been struggling with missing and broken teeth since his time in the military, college, and medical school. But his problems were slowly mounting.

  • Name: Richard
  • Age: 56
  • Condition: Missing/Failing Teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: Ft. Lauderdale
  • Before:
    • Dental problems began in the military
    • Felt that teeth impacted his role as a physician
    • Constantly embarrassed in social situations
  • After:
    • Increased self-esteem
    • Has confidence to speak to his patients
    • Celebrates delivering babies with a smile
  • Advice: “ClearChoice is the future. I know my dental implants can last a lifetime.”



“Finally, it became an issue of how I was able to eat and talk. It affected my social life and the ability to communicate with my patients.”

“I’m expected to be clean, professional, and approachable. I couldn’t succumb to something I was fully aware of but didn’t make the effort to fix.”

Because of his irregular schedule, Richard didn’t have time for short-term fixes. “Why would I want to have dentures? I needed a permanent solution.” After extensive research, Richard found ClearChoice Dental Implant Center.

“ClearChoice is the future. My doctors reassured me very professionally that this could be done. They have technology to 3-D map my bone structure, customize the dental implants, and put it in knowing they can stay there for the duration of my life.”

“When it was all done, I had my own miracle.”

Now, Richard shares his life-changing smile with each new life he delivers. With his confidence returned, his gift has taken on new meaning.

“I hope they’ll hold on to those photos forever. I’m proud of the fact that, not only did I deliver the child, but I was celebrating their life through my big, wonderful smile.”