Welcome Back Sue

Finding Her Perfect Fit

Sue suffered from lifelong dental issues due to a hereditary condition. Although she went to the dentist every three months, it wasn’t enough to prevent the continual deterioration of her teeth or the pain that went along with it.

“I’d have to have a root canal to save the tooth, and that would only last so long. Then I would end up having the tooth extracted.”

Sue did her best to maintain the active lifestyle she desired, working for both the school system and the Elks Lodge as well as spending time with her four grandchildren – but her poor dental health was taking a toll.

After years of root canals, extractions, infections and wearing a partial denture, Sue was determined to find a better solution. “I just had a lot of pain, and I lived on antibiotics and pain medication. I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Sue researched various options and visited several specialists in her area. She also examined the cumulative cost of all her previous treatments.

“Over the years, I spent thousands of dollars on my natural teeth, and it did not get me anywhere.”

  • Name: Sue
  • Age: 56
  • Condition: Missing/Failing teeth
  • ClearChoice Center: Cleveland
  • Before:
    • Pain associated with tooth deterioration
    • Didn’t trust temporary solution like dentures
    • Dental health inhibited her active lifestyle
  • After:
    • Free of dental pain
    • Able to resume active lifestyle
    • Feels that implants are just like her own teeth
  • Advice: “Life is too short to live with dental pain.”



“I was still in pain. I was still going back to the dentist. I was still taking medication daily.”Then an acquaintance at work told her about ClearChoice, and she went in for a free consultation.

“During the consultation, I knew right then and there it was the perfect choice for me.”

After researching all her options, Sue felt confident about getting a long-term solution from ClearChoice.

Now with dental implants, Sue is free of the dental pain that overshadowed her active lifestyle for so many years. “ClearChoice gave me beautiful, pain-free teeth. They look great. They feel great. The implants are just like your own teeth. You don’t even know you don’t have your own teeth.”