Welcome Back Tim

From Embarrassment to Confidence

Growing up, Tim’s family never went to the dentist and couldn’t afford dental care. Consequently, he started losing teeth as he aged. “I never felt confident because of my smile. When you have 10-12 teeth missing, you can’t hide that.”

Other health concerns worsened his dental issues. Before open heart surgery, his doctor pulled several of his teeth to reduce his risk of infection during the procedure. Afterwards, it left him feeling empty.

“I was absolutely embarrassed to smile. I always dreaded taking pictures, and basic tasks like eating and drinking were always a challenge.”

As an executive at his company, his dental issues cast a larger shadow on his self-confidence.

“I became introverted. I’d hold myself up in my office and not come out. I thought, ‘what if people see my teeth?’ When I’d give townhall speeches, I was a nervous wreck.”

  • Name: Tim
  • Age: 49
  • Condition: Lack of Dental Care
  • ClearChoice Center: San Diego
  • Before:
    • Dental problems started as a child
    • Had teeth pulled before open heart surgery
    • Lost confidence in career and family life
  • After:
    • Increased confidence at work
    • Able to resume active lifestyle
    • No longer embarrassed by dental issues
  • Advice: “You don’t realize how important your dental health and your smile can be to yourself and others.”



“I’ve been in control of so many things in my life, and this is one area I had zero control over.”

“It really impacted a lot of his life,” said his wife, Catherine, “both professionally and at home with the family.”

Tim explored several avenues for treatment. He left each experience doubting that his dental problems could be fixed. “For years, I would dream of a place I could go and in one day, come out and have all my teeth.”

Then Tim discovered ClearChoice.

“What was almost a dying hope that I would ever smile again was brought back to life.”

“From the moment I walked into the center, I knew it was going to be dramatically different. The staff was fantastic, and the procedure made sense. ClearChoice put together a personalized plan, and I’ve got the best smile I could ever ask for, in one day.”

In the board room or the family room, now Tim’s confidence is back. Instead of coming to work at four in the morning to avoid his coworkers, he’s able to engage in a whole new way. He’s also returned to golfing, surfing, skiing, and playing with his kids without fear of embarrassment.

“The decision to go with ClearChoice and to get the procedure done was one of the greatest decisions of my life. It is 100% transformational. I am smiling all the time, so much that it hurts.”